Troia as a holiday destination

December 3, 2018

Boat trips in search of dolphins, beaches as far as you can see, restaurants with fresh fish, terraces on the beach... Family holidays with fun "things to do" for everyone on the peninsula Troia in Portugal! Together with Setubal, Troia is one of the most beautiful places in Portugal! 

You can take a ferry in Setúbal to cross the Sado River and explore the Troia Peninsula, less than an hour from Lisbon. This is one of the most extensive sandy beaches in Portugal, with a length of 18 km, which you can enjoy with the whole family. Troia is characterised by its infinite golden sand, with on the other side the sea with clear water. When the weather is nice, you can practice all kinds of water sports. This area has great places for windsurfing, sailing and dolphin hunting. The sports enthusiast is well placed on Troia next to the water sports that can be practiced, there are also several golf clubs here where you can spend a pleasant day with your family.

And people who are more culture lovers are not disappointed because Troia also has old ruins and rice plantations that are worth a visit! The Roman ruins are one of the most important archaeological finds of the 1st century. It used to be the site of the largest fish salting plant in the Western Roman Empire. And that fish is still important is also reflected in the economy of our time! You can walk a route that goes along beautiful beaches and ends up at several restaurants. A few kilometres away, the landscape looks completely different. There the dunes are interrupted to make way for the lagoon of Melides, with its five million year old cliffs. In addition, there is a nature reserve.

In Troia you can also visit rice plantations in the small village of Comporta. The village is located at the beginning of the peninsula of Troia, between the river Sado and the sea. In Comporta it is quiet all year round and one can not speak of mass tourism. The beautiful sandy beach of Comporta is only 1km away and stretches from the tip of the peninsula to 20km south of Comporta.

Because there is so little mass tourism, the people on troia just leave their parasols etc. on the beach and come back the next day to enjoy the beach. And this does not happen to claim a spot but because it is so nice and quiet there.